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Q. What are Merebrook’s Park Rules?

A. Click here for our Park Rule


Q. Is buying a home at Merebrook a good investment?

A. Our homes are built to the highest residential standards. Value is dependant on a number of factors not least, location, quality of park services and maintaining your home in good condition both internally and externally. The annual licence fee enables us to maintain high standards in the park and the location speaks for itself! Generally speaking, homes follow similar trends to more traditional bricks and mortar values.


Q. Can I choose the location of my home?

A. Yes, you have a choice of location, depending upon availability. However one or two areas are more costly.


Q. Can I choose a plot?

A. You can also reserve your own choice of Plot at Merebrook to build a home to your own specification.


Q. Can we sell our home ourselves?

A. Yes, it is yours to sell. Also, you may pass your home on to a qualifying relative or direct member of your family, provided they continue to comply with the park rules and pay the annual licence fee.


Q. Can I live at Merebrook?

A. Yes! Merebrook can be your permanent home 12 months a year and has a full residential licence.


Q. Is fishing available?

A. Certainly! Merebrook enjoys half a mile of the West Bank of the River Derwent. Fishing is excellent for both coarse and fly-fishing for brown and rainbow trout. The stretch is noted for its greyling, barbel, chub and dace.


Q. What other costs are there?

A. Site fees are 1% of the purchase price. Significant discounts are available. Please ask for details.


Q. What does the site fee cover?

A. It provides contribution towards water rates, refuse collection and septic tank maintenance. It enables us to maintain Merebrook to the highest possible standards so preserving your investment.


Q. Will individual gardens be landscaped?

A. Yes, each property can be provided with a bespoke landscape design to suit individual requirements. Additional features and planting, barbecues and outdoor hot tubs may be specified at additional cost.


Q. Are Allotments available?

A. We are pleased to supply land, subject to availabilty, for you to use to grow your own produce.


Q. Is Merebrook security conscious?

A. The security of your home is of paramount importance. A comprehensive CCTV system is already installed and owners have access to view the park over the internet from anywhere in the world. We have installed security gates and a security entrance system

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living in derby
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